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Our vision: To develop the most innovative, yet suitable healthcare solutions.

Odin Health

Odin Health is a global provider of healthcare software based in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 2014, Odin Health is committed to delivering world-leading healthcare solutions using the latest technologies. Our talented team consists of industry-leading senior architects and talented software engineers.

Our key product, the Odin Integration Engine was developed following years of research on the current state and requirements of healthcare interoperability. Odin Health has achieved in-depth product localisation for the Chinese market. Our solutions enhance product usability and friendliness whilst also adding commonly used features that our international competitors' solutions do not have. Odin Health provides irreplaceable advantages by integrating data within hospitals, and between hospital groups and medical unions. Our solutions help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare systems, leading to reduced healthcare costs and better experiences for society.

With the aid of our partners and strategic investors, including Winning Health and B-Soft who are among the top five healthcare IT vendors in China, we have already successfully deployed our engine into well over 100 customers including hospitals and regional customers. The number of Level 2 and 3 Hospitals in China who use our solutions continue to grow exponentially.

The Winning Health Platform, which uses the Odin Integration Engine, passed the National Health and Family Planning Commission Level 5 3A Hospital Information Interoperability Certification with full marks in the China Software Testing Center. This is the highest level of Platform Interoperability Certification available.


Birthday Milestone – Odin Health awarded Callaghan Innovation Growth Grant

Auckland, Tuesday 23rd October 2018: The New Zealand Software Company Odin Health has been awarded a New Zealand R&D Growth Grant by Callaghan Innovation.

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