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Our vision: To develop the most innovative, yet suitable healthcare solutions.

Odin Health is a global provider of healthcare software based in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 2014, Odin Health is committed to delivering world-leading healthcare solutions using the latest technologies. Our talented team consists of industry-leading senior architects and talented software engineers.

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Winning Health  |  B-Soft  |  MedicalSystem  |  Enjoyor  |  HXD  |  Chengdian Yixing

Odin Certifications

The only designated engine of Winning Health and B-Soft.

Lots Level 2 and Level 3 Hospital customers in China. This includes several of China's Top 100 Hospitals with 10,000+ outpatients per day.


China software copyright




China National Health Commission Information Interoperability Certification

Anhui ** hospital - Chongqing ** hospital

Level 4 Grade A


China National Health Commission EMR application assessment

Shanxi ** hospital

Level 6



Yangjiang ** hospital

Level 6


Stable | Lightning Fast Speeds | Easy to Use | Highly Maintainable

 Odin Distributed Data Service Platform   |    Odin Integration Engine   |    Odin Management Console

Odin Distributed Data Service Platform

Cloud Ready

Load Balancing

Big Data Support

Odin Integration Engine


Fault Tolerance and High Availability

Modular Container

Odin Management Console

Centralized Monitoring

Centralized Management



Solutions for integration, ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)

 Integration   |   Interface   |   ETL   |   Central Management

Hospital Integration Solution


Hospital group and Regional


Applications and Devices


Internet Applications


Data migration and reporting


Regional centralized monitoring and management

Central Management

Case Study

Over 100 Level 2 and Level 3 Hospitals in China. This includes several of China's Top 100 Hospitals


Integration engines, enterprise service bus, and extract, transform, load all in one



Over 60 China Level 3 hospital customers


Over 100 Level 2 and Level 3 Hospitals in China

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  • +64 9 5200 878

  • Level 5, 135 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand