Case Study - Shanxi Datong Coal Group General Hospital

Hospital Integration

Cover 3 million population  |  1200+ Beds  |  954,800 outpatients in 2017  |  China Level 3 Hospital

The hospital has accumulated more than 10 years of informatization experience and has built 90 systems including medical care, nursing, pharmacy, charging, auxiliary inspection, and finance etc. which formulates 634 modules. Hosptial has one main hospital and two districts.

The requirement was to upgrade the overall hospital system and build a hospital-wide integrated platform in order to pass the Level 6 EMR application assessment of China National Health Commission. It requires 327 functional points to be interconnected and interoperable. Therefor, a stable and easy-to-maintan integrated engine is needed.

After analyzing and comparing similar products in the market, the hospital finally selected Odin Engine as their solution.

The engine has been online for two years and the operation is stable. In 2017, the hospital passed the China Level 6 EMR application assessment.